Tired of Losing Seed Corn to Birds?

A corn row that has been damaged by birds.

As you prepare to plant corn this season you have a number of concerns regarding potential damage to your corn crop and profits. Bird damage to corn can start as soon as your planter puts the seed in the ground. In the past organophosphate insecticides used to treat seeds either tasted bad or if enough was eaten killed birds. These chemicals have been removed from the market. Birds come to a freshly worked field in any event as they offer a variety of food sources such as bugs and worms. When they discover the corn seeds they quickly focus on them as a food source. Don’t feed your corn seed to birds!

Wildlife biologists report bird populations are rising and pest birds are having more of an impact. Corn is planted at a time of year when other food sources are limited. Corn planting coincides with preparation for migration and breeding season in many regions of the country. When a flock learns of this desirable food source they can wreck stands and leave you guessing as to what happened.

It is not often that damage is apparent as bird damage.

Spring rains often fill in the holes and other evidence of bird presence. You have a way to prevent this damage by using Avipel® Corn Seed Treatment from Arkion Life Sciences. No matter the bird causing the damage the active ingredient in Avipel, anthraquinone, causes a gut reaction without harming the bird. These birds and their flocks quickly learn to avoid seeds treated with Avipel.

Avipel continues to work throughout the vulnerable period where remnants of the seed kernel remain as a food source. This can last up to 30 days after planting as this photo demonstrates where birds pulled up the plants to get at the seed.

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“I have been using Avipel for the first time this year and last year we had sand hill cranes that completely destroyed over half of our field, and this year they haven’t touched it. So it’s been working awesome so far.”

Avipel® Seed Treatment

  • Protects corn seed from birds taking plants from the row
  • Low cost per acre
  • Insures your seed investment from bird loss

How It Works

Anthraquinone (AQ) is the active ingredient in Avipel. Studies have demonstrated that 9, 10 anthraquinone (AQ) is an effective and non-toxic bird repellant. AQ and its derivatives are found in plants and is thought to affect birds as a gut irritant.

Although Avipel is technically a pesticide in that it repels a pest (birds), it is important to remember that it has no toxic properties.

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