How Avipel

In many areas of the country, birds are known to destroy hundreds of acres of field and sweet corn before it even has a chance to emerge. To stop this potentially devastating yield loss, a growing number of farmers have turned to Avipel.





Many Benefits

Scientifically formulated seed treatment

Avipel is the scientifically formulated seed treatment that stops birds from eating newly planted corn seed. Avipel’s liquid application surrounds each kernel with a protective coating that causes birds immediate, yet temporary, digestive distress. After attempting to eat newly planted seed, they quickly look elsewhere, leaving your newly planted field unharmed.

In the lab and the field, Arkion Life Sciences, the manufacturer of Avipel, has been researching and developing bird repellency products for more than a decade. Studies of Avipel conducted by the USDA and others have demonstrated Avipel’s efficient protection of planted corn seed.

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AQ, the Active Ingredient in Avipel

Avipel’s active ingredient is 9,10-anthraquinone (AQ), an organic chemical found in a number of plant species, including aloe vera, rhubarb, greater plantains and sennas. While being a particularly effective agent for repelling birds, AQ is non-lethal to them.

For farmers balancing the needs of crops, livestock, land management and groundwater

AQ offers multiple advantages:

Is a biopesticide

Is ultraviolet light-stable

Biodegrades with a 28-day half-life in soil

Features very low soil mobility

Is insoluble in water



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