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Your customers would be grateful to get their hands on the ultimate corn seed treatment, Avipel. Avipel is the first scientifically proven corn seed treatment to stop birds from eating newly planted seed.

Avipel is a nonlethal, nontoxic and nonsystemic solution

Avipel is a nonlethal, nontoxic and nonsystemic solution that is manufactured using an organic plant-based chemical that can help produce bigger corn crop yields.

Offer Your Customers a Potent and Effective Bird-Repelling Corn Seed Treatment Option

Many corn growers throughout the United States face major concerns over how bird damage can impact their corn crop yield, hurting their bottom lines.

Corn growers look to you, a trusted agricultural chemical retailer of premium products, for expert advice on corn seed treatment options.

Prevent Birds from consuming planted corn seeds

Avipel has been shown to prevent blackbirds, boat-tailed grackles, crows, European starlings, grackles, pheasants, red-wing blackbirds, ring-neck pheasants, sandhill cranes, starlings and turkeys from consuming planted corn seeds.

Avipel is available to agricultural chemical retailers as a liquid application.

birds known to destroy


acres of field and sweet corn every year

before the crop can even emerge.

Agricultural Chemical Retailers and Growers Favor Avipel Corn Seed Treatment for Safety Reasons and Effectiveness

It’s no secret that agricultural chemical retailers and corn growers across the United States favor Avipel. This natural bird repellent is effective in protecting corn seed as well as nonsystemic to corn, nonlethal to birds and nontoxic to plants and fish.

Avipel is endorsed by the International Crane Foundation. It results in no groundwater contamination, ensuring growers’ aquifers and wells remain safe. It also has been shown to cause no side effects that could be costly.


Avipel’s Active Ingredient Is AQ

Avipel’s active ingredient is 9,10-anthraquinone (AQ). AQ is a natural organic chemical found in many plant species such as aloe vera and rhubarb.

Avipel produces a reaction in birds’ guts when birds consume treated corn seeds without causing harm. Affected birds and their flocks quickly learn to avoid seeds treated with Avipel and begin looking for other sources of nourishment, enabling your customers’ cornfields to remain fully protected.

Avipel works during a period extending as long as 30 days in which seed kernel remnants remain as a food source.



Avipel Is Produced by Arkion Life Sciences, Driven to Make Leading-Edge Bird-Repellency Products

Avipel is produced by Arkion Life Sciences, which has researched and developed bird repellency products for more than a decade. USDA and other organizations’ studies of Avipel have shown the corn seed treatment’s efficient protection of corn seed.

Where to Buy

Avipel is sold by local agriculture retailers and corn seed suppliers. Contact your local Avipel representative to learn more about purchasing Avipel so you can start protecting your corn crop with the ultimate bird repellent.

Learn More

Agricultural chemical retailers wishing to learn more about Avipel are encouraged to review application guides, independent research studies, USDA state-specific labels and more information.

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